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Mantur Business Center is the best  center for the developing of your business in very heart of Madrid.

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We are entrepreneurs just like you

Everyone knows at the beginning the first goal is to generate business. Anyway, there are some formalities you must attend to.

Permanent or rental part-time office in Madrid downtown.

Rent your Office in the business center of Madrid based in Gran Vía 73 near Plaza de España. Enjoy our high standards offices and meeting rooms and our total flexibility for all you need.

Custom spaces according to your necessities.

Rent offices starting from 1 hour. We will adapt to your needs.

High quality services and specialized secretary service.

Our high standard services and our client treatment are completely adaptable to all your needs. High professional secretary service . Call us for more information.

Our Mission

Our mission is to help you to develop your business. We don´t just share rooms, we will share with you our team, our work and our solutions.

We help companies and entrepreneurs, in the most efficient and cheaper way to start or develop your business to reach your goal as soon as possible, providing excellent offices and high-qualified personnel.

Why choose us

You will have your personal office in Gran Vía 73, in the corner of Plaza de España, Next to Puerta del Sol, Callao, Opera, Palacio Real, Calle de Alcalá, Paseo de la Castellana.

  • Furnished and fully equipped office
  • Meeting room fully equipped
  • Free fiber optic WI-FI connection
  • Bilingual secretarial service
  • Virtual office
  • Prestigious address
  • Assignment of your exclusive geographic number
  • Calls received with your company’s name; call filtering, DDI forwarding and message taking.
  • Personalized attention to your clients
  • Specialized and professional personnel
  • Legal, commercial and accounting services
  • Telemarketing and Networking

In addition to all the other services, we provide you:

  • Copy and scanner service
  • Mailing service
  • Fax service
  • Private mail attention
  • We organize “breakfasts and brunches” hosting high experts talking to our clients about different issues
  • Professional meetings and networking.
  • Customer acquisition
  • Promotional events

About Mantur Business Center

Discover all what our Business Center can do to develop your business. We adapt our style to all your needs and if it does not work, we refund you.

Permanent or rental office per hours in the center of Madrid.

Rent your Office per hours in Mantur Business Center, based in the financial center of Madrid, Gran Vía 73 near Plaza de España.
Enjoy our high standards offices and meeting rooms and our total flexibility for all you need.

Permanent office in one of the best Business Center of Madrid

We are in , Gran Vía 73 near Plaza de España, in the commercial center of Madrid. From 500€ per month you can count with a totally furnished office ready to set up your business.

Virtual Office in Madrid

Domicile your company in the city center from 28€ per month. Choose Gran Vía 73, choose Plaza España as your company address. Use this centric address in your web site, business card, social media and in all your Advertising media.

Meeting rooms, Work center and more services

We provide 16 people meeting room from 20€ per hour with Optic fiber internet connection. Furthermore, you can count with all center’s facilities (Mobile phones, Faxes scanner, copy machine, laser printer). Choose also if you need services as Coffee Break or retro projector.

Inside Mantur Business Center

Rooms adapted to all your needs. We have what your business needs to grow up.

Services always provided from one-hour rent to permanent rent.

Commercial, social and financial address.

C/Gran Vía 73, corner Plaza Espana. Centric and prestigious address of the city center of Madrid. Your commercial address in your web site, business card, social media and in all your advertising media.

Bilingual receptionist, incoming calls and client visit attention.

High quality personnel attending your incoming calls, your clients and solving any administrative problem according to your instructions.

Reception and administration 8 hours.

Customer attention service from 9am to 7pm

Our personnel will attend all your incoming calls and your client visits for all the working day.

Your company’s name.

Our personnel will attend incoming calls with your company’s name, commercial name or your name according to your instructions.

Fully furnished office.

Our offices thought to facilitate work performances, are equipped with fiber optic Wi-Fi connection and media technology.

Exclusive phone number.

You can choose for your company a great variety of phone number, both Spanish and foreigner ones and premium-rate number.

In just 24 hours, your exclusive number will be ready to start working.

High-speed internet connection

Guaranteed high-speed internet connection with fiber optic.

Community charges

All community charges are already included in the invoice, without extra fees.

Work Center

Work center with the possibility to use all the center’s facilities Mobile phones, Faxes, scanner, copy machine, laser printer

Waiting room

Your clients will be enchanted by waiting in an elegant and professional waiting room.

Use of heating and air conditioning

The use of heating and air conditioning and all the other electric services will be switched on and off according to your instructions.

Daily cleaning service

Trained and trustworthy personnel will clean daily our entire center to let your office ready for the working day.

Choose the best alternative according to your business needs


Choose your space and custom it. Total flexibility in office rental from 1 hour, always to suit you.

Meeting Rooms

From 20€per hour

  • Fiber optic internet connection
  • Work center: Mobile phones, Faxes, scanner, copy machine, laser printer
  • Audioconference
  • Extra services: (Retro projector, Coffee Break…)

Room rental

From 10€per hours

  • Commercial and legal address
  • Exclusive telephone number
  • Fully equipped office
  • Bilingual receptionist
  • Calls and visit attention
  • Secretariat services

In the real center of Madrid

Mantur Business Center based on Gran Via 73, corner Plaza de España. There is really something better than this?


El The ideal place to develop your business

Satisfied or refunded.

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